Where, oh where, have my little posts gone?

You may be thinking: “Doesn’t a blog require you to be actively posting updates?”

Well …. yes. But I’ve been quite busy. Let me explain.

I know that its been nearly 2 months since my last post. Considering that I have a Monday – Friday 8 -5 (but most often 5:30/6) day job, by the time that I get home, make supper, walk my dog, get a shower and prep my meals for the next day – I rarely have time to get anything else done. In addition to my work I’ve also been maintaining the Food Allergies Etcetera Facebook Page, been developing a file of useful links and dining/purchasing spots for locals with food allergies and restrictions, started volunteering with the local chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association and now maintain their Facebook Page, reading “Celiac For Dummies” that I received when I signed up for the Canadian Celiac Association, meeting with a local graphic designer to develop a logo for FAE, as well as working on a weekly personal creative project.

If that isn’t a good enough excuse, I’ll admit that I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate WordPress and I’ve been hesitant to sit and attempt to tackle a post unless I knew that I had more than enough ample time.

Despite the lack of any posts, Ive been very excited to be doing background work for the blog and I’m constantly mentally noting what I want to achieve with this project and have several post ideas queued up in my head already. Tonight I sat down and picked out a new theme for the FAE blog. For those of you who personally know me ….. would you be surprised to discover that the name of the theme is “FUNKI THEME” ? I think it’s going to look fantastic with the logo that’s being developed for FAE. I can’t wait to meet with the graphic designer again to finalize it!! 🙂

During my lunch breaks, I’ll sometimes go next door to the Atlantic Place deck, or walk up to the War Memorial garden on Water/Duckworth Street and read from my Celiac Disease for Dummies book. I’ve been gluten free for over a year now, and I had figured out a lot of the info already but I am picking up a few new details here and there, or learning of the diagnosis process. Unfortunately I went gluten free on the advise of my naturopath and didn’t realize that I should have been tested prior to going GF. I’ve been assuming that I am Celiac (and live as though I am), but do not want to go back on a gluten diet to prove it. I am planning on getting genetic testing completed once I find time as the more I read the Dummies book the more I discover that I have a lot of signs pointing to the fact that I do in fact have Celiac Disease. If my genetic test comes back negative, I’d be highly surprised. I also suspect that one, if not two of my parents might also suffer from Celiac Disease based on the related conditions outlined in the book (more on this to come in one of my next posts!).

I also spend time usually once a week responding to messages asking about places around town to eat, or general info related to living gluten free or living naturally, etc. Every time I do get a message looking for help or info based on what I’ve learned thus far, it ignites a sense of excitability that cannot be explained. Being associated as a go-to-girl for tips and info on living with food allergies/restrictions (and living naturally) in St. John’s has been one of my greatest accomplishments to date!

I’d love to hear the types of topics that you’d like to see on this blog. And I promise that within the week I’ll have the next post up. I’m super excited to get going!

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