My Intentions


When I started my first job post-university, I was given the nickname “GTG” by one of my co-workers. He said that if there was anything that he didn’t know about where to find a particular answer, where to possibly look, who to go see to get the answer, etc., I would be able to give him an answer to these questions. He called me “Go-To-Gates” (my maiden name is Gates). And this wasn’t the only case where I was known as the go-to girl. There was a student who sat in a cubicle next to me, who was always amazed that I could immediately tell him what the problem was and how to fix it when he ran into problems with his Microsoft Office documents. He often joked that he feared when he got out into the real world that his productivity would significantly drop if I wasn’t there to quickly tell him how to fix the problem he was having. Why did I always know what his problem was and how to fix it so fast? Because I had run into the same problem as him at one time, searched until I found a solution, and filed it away in my head. I had been there, had done that, (was able to remember) and wanted to share the solution.

At work, I find great satisfaction in finding out information and sharing it with people in a manner that they can understand. The same goes with my personal life as for my professional life. When it comes to food allergies, I’ve found some of the answers that I’ve been looking for. I still have a lot to find. But in the process, I want to be able to help those who are several steps behind me. I want to provide the information that I’ve discovered so that they don’t have to spend a vast amount of time and effort searching for the same answers that I’ve found. I want to be able to help them find a way forward that works for them.

Not only do I enjoy sharing information, but I also enjoy organizing/filing it in such a manner that it’s easy for me to recall.

So here is how I intend to structure/organize my blog:

  • Origins (a continuation of posts on how I got to this point and how the blog evolved)
  • Food Allergies
  • Dietary Restrictions due to Illness (other than allergies)
  • Natural Living
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Restaurant Info/Reviews
  • Product Info/Reviews
  • Product Recalls
  • Retail Locations
  • Resources

All posts will fall into these categories. There may be some refinement over time, but I think this arrangement should provide people with a good source of Go-To information šŸ™‚

One comment on “My Intentions

  1. […] truly be successful with maintaining my title of “Go-To-Gates” (as explained in the My Intentions post). But in the meantime, I discovered that there already is a Go-To-Girl living in St. John’s […]

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